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Gemechew Bayou is a familiar figure at Langano Farms, willing to learn tiling and surveying as well as farming!


Featured Family: Kaweti
February 21, 2011

Kaweti was born at the clinic on the current SIM campus.  Kaweti means "midnight" in the Oromiffa language -- the approximate time of day he was born.  He sacrificed his education in order to work and help put his brother through nursing school. Kaweti began his “employment” as a gardener for an SIM missionary named Nancy who was stationed at the camp.  He was later taken under the wing of Dan Scheel learning construction and many other trades.  Kaweti became Mike Rodger's “right hand man” when Mike was the SIM Camp Business Manager. The partnership worked so well that he joined with Mike and LHF to become the Community Development Project Manager and is currently the Manager of Langano Farms.

Kaweti is married and has three beautiful daughters and a baby boy.  Kaweti  passed driving school and has his driver’s license which is an uncommon accomplishment in his community. With a wide variety of skill sets, especially in motivating people, Kaweti has been vital to the success of Langano Farms.

Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue!
Psalm 145: 6